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Ellen de Meijer paints portraits of modern-day archetypes, as an expression of our collective struggles and lies.

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Homies - original painting by Dutch contemporary painter Ellen de Meijer


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"My work addresses the vulgar lipstick of society."

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Watch | Connect with the deeper meaning of the work. Ellen speaks about her mission, recurring themes, and more in this 1-on-1 interview (Amsterdam, 2023).

Exhibited at select museums, solo shows and fairs.

Art Miami

Unix gallery

Art Crush, Aspen Art Museum

Cornell Art Museum

Art Central Hong Kong

Art Toronto

Art Stage Singapore

Van den Broek Foundation

Texas Contemporary

Art Silicon Valley

Art Miami is one of America’s foremost contemporary and modern art fair.

New York gallery representation by Unix gallery; one of New York City's leading galleries for international emerging artists, driven by the social impact and significance of art that challenges present-day issues.

Art Aspen is an annual fair in the heart of the most prestigious collector communities. Art Crush is Aspen Art Museum's annual summer gala auction.

The Cornell Art Museum shows nationally and internationally recognized, contemporary artists who create innovative and provocative works of art.

Art Central is the cornerstone international art fair of Hong Kong Art Week.

Art Toronto is Canada’s premier Art Fair connecting audiences to local, national and international galleries.

Art Stage Singapore is one of asian's premier contemporary art fairs.

Commissioned for Dutch top 5 private art collection.

Texas Contemporary is Houston’s leading modern and contemporary fine art and design fair for the region's discerning collector base.

Art Silicon Valley is the West Coast spotlight for investment-quality emerging works of art.

Exhibition | 'Lost and Found', 2022 solo show, New York City | Addressing:

The lie of material wealth, and our ego's addiction to instant gratification.

Mining Crush, 2021
Crypto Craze, 2022
Mommy’s Non-Fungible Finest, 2022
Power Play, 2021
High Profile, 2021

| Curator Review

by Fatoş Üstek (2022) | internationally-acclaimed art curator, critic and leading voice in contemporary art, curator at Frieze, @fatosustek

'Arctic Indictment' (2018) (shown here) and 'Exposure' (2020) were selected for NADA Curated: Reduction to Satire (Reductio Ad Satura), an online exhibition by Fatos Ustek.

"Ellen de Meijer is on a mission to confront the stereotypes using satire as her weapon and medium of choice. She dissects the society-exposing uncomfortable truths that are routinely glossed over. Life is often viewed through the prism of peer pressure to achieve, and through social media as a means of validation.

De Meijer's characters seem to live at the pinnacle of this imaginary perfect world, yet their aloof melancholic appearances show the emptiness and unhappiness of their existence. She surrounds her protagonists with absurd power status signifier objects to enhance the irony and sarcasm of the works."

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Limited Edition Screen Prints
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Exhibition | #CO2, 2019 solo show, New York City | Addressing:

How our way of living is harmful to ourselves, our planet and our children's future.

'Air' (2019), at #C02

Dress code, 2018
Floating Regret, 2019
Arctic Indictment, 2018
Barking in the Desert, 2019
Flower Power, 2017
Press | Art magazine High Fructose about #CO2
"Ellen de Meijer shows characters at times taking small measures to protect themselves from the elements, while the greater threat to all looms."
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