Q&A interview with creative magazine AWEH

Ellen de Meijer – Digital Divide

"The bottom line is that everybody lures others while pretending to be something else." By Victoria Phillips

Ellen de Meijer a Dutch artist living and working out of Amsterdam, will present a solo show of her new series ‘Digital Divide’ in New York’s premium Chelsea gallery, UNIX Gallery. Opening February 5th, through March 5th.

The work has been winning attention since her new work was introduced to the public at the Art Hamptons and more recently Art Basel Miami.

De Meijer’s success story is a culmination of over twenty years of the artist’s multi-disciplinary practice the essence of which has been rooted in the painter’s intention to capture the unseen.

While De Meijer began exploring her practice in the medium of photography it was the ultimately the process and physicality of paint that would overtake the artist practice.

The newest series ‘Digital Divide’ are large-scale figurations, which seduce the viewer with their reduced borderline stark backgrounds and a sense of cold emptiness that surrounds the figures. De Meijer’s unique ability to marry the figures with latest gadgets and modern attributes of power fuel the dialogue between the art and the viewer allowing them to discover the implied struggle and alienation.

VP: Hello Ellen, Could you tell us what are you working on right now?

EdM: I am working on a new painting that translates the concept of seeing and being seen in our daily lives. With this I mean that we are all looking at other ones lives and being looked at, at the same time. I am intrigued by the level of protection people build around themselves to cope with possible dangers of our modern life. This can be accomplished by constructing a certain image, or even by faking an online identity. The bottom line is that everybody lures others while pretending to be something else than they actually are.

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